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1Hi! Yes, i have this weird obsession with chalk markers. I’m Tammy from Chicago, ILL and I wanted to share what I’ve learned. Check out the video’s too:)

Chalk Markers Are Great For Activities Your Whole Family Will Enjoy

Liquid chalk markers use a water based ink to produce effects that are just like old fashioned chalk. The difference is, they are easier and cleaner to use than chalk. The liquid chalk “paints” on smoother and there is no dust to deal with.

Most Chalk Pens Are Environmentally Friendly & Non-Toxic

If you are doing an art project with toddlers, you’ll want to double check that the markers you choose are non-toxic. Most are, and they can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, such as ceramic tiles, glass, mirrors, windows and computer screens. The letters, numbers and pictures you create can be easily wiped away without a trace when you are ready to do away with them.

Let Your Imagination Be Your Guide

If you’d like something enjoyable to do with the children in your life, why not try chalk markers? There are lots of fun projects that can be done with these innovative art supplies. Here are a few great ideas you can try.

You can have lots of fun writing and making pictures and designs on full length mirrors. This activity can be both enjoyable and educational. You can make pictures, print, write in cursive and use a wide variety of colors.

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Decorate For The Holidays

You can decorate your windows using stencils that you can buy inexpensively at dollar stores or art stores. Change your window decoration with every season for year round fun.

Make Your Refrigerator Unique

Instead of putting markers on your refrigerator, you and your little charges can draw pictures on it. Some great ideas include favorite foods and drinks, plans for outings and so on. Just your your imagination for great results.

Create Murals And Stimulate Discussion

Of course, you can also use chalk markers to write or draw on paper. You can use over-sized tablets or paper rolls to create large pictures and murals. Drawing pictures of your day is a fun project that will encourage kids to talk about the events of the day.

Give A Great Gift!

Liquid chalk markers are lots of good clean fun for you and the entire family. They’re also great stocking stuffers! Why not give them a try during the holiday season?